I've moved my blog

we've movedWell, I haven't written on this blog for a long, long time. I am not sure if there is anyone that is even paying attention.

However, I figured it was probably time that I started blogging again but I decided to start over from scratch.

So, I've moved my blog and you'll want to subscribe overthere.

One thing that is different is that I have combined my personal and business blog into one. Go check it out at www.coreysmith.ws/blog

It just takes a little time

There are so many things to learn and nobody seems to have the time to do it.

I find myself always wanting to learn more and wondering when I am going to fit it in.

I started thinking a little today about learning and the time it takes to learn.

Often people will ask me, "How do you know what you know?" I think that the primary reason I get asked that question is because many times people will be struggling with something (related to what I do on a daily basis, of course) and I'll figure it out in a quick moment.

What I know is that I don't know things because I am smarter than the people that are trying to do something (guaranteed) but simply because I have spent the time working.

What people don't see when I seem to be smart is the time that I have spent hidden away learning, studying and researching. I don't talk about the late nights doing research. I don't mention the information I glean from other conversations. I don't comment on how I am learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others when people aren't watching. continue reading...

Is Conformity a Strategy?

Last week I was driving in an old neighborhood and I remember distinctly commenting to myself, "I really love these old neighborhoods. I love how the homes are different from each other. I love how there is no guideline that certain things need to be done a very specific way except that they should look nice."

Each house was different. Occasionally I would see two houses that looked like they might have been built by the same builder but, for the most part, these homes were very different from each other.

Different layout, different yards, different fences, different colors.

All were just very different from each other.

I really loved the way it looked and thought how nobody was required to conform but each were allowed to be their own unique selves.

Then, I went home and got a nice letter from a home owner's association for a rental property I own. continue reading...

Do you have a battle plan?

Lemonade I have the opportunity to talk with business owners on a regular basis. Sometimes I'll hear comments that the economy is poor and other times I'll hear comments that indicate that the times couldn't be better.

One thing that I know is that business is good for those that learn to roll with the times. It is good for those that learn how to adapt and change with the realities of the current marketing conditions.

Not often enough do business leaders actually plan for the future and plan for contigencies. Even more infrequent is being willing to change the plan as the situation indicates. continue reading...

A Thinker’s View of Health Insurance

insurance Hold your horses. I am going to talk about health insurance.

However, I am going to avoid waxing too political... primarily because I am tired of the politics surrounding a financial decision. I am tired of the Democrats accusing the Republicans of being partisan and vice versa.

I think that if people understood that health insurance is a financial decision and not a decision based on “caring” or “compassion” then we would probably come to a solution to our problem.

The premise of this post is that the problem with the health care debate is the assumption that health care insurance actually costs less than just paying for the service.

So, follow me on a couple of key concepts. continue reading...

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