Price is everything…

... if you give them nothing else to consider. Seth Godin points out that "maybe the reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven't given them anything else to care about." Your job, as a sales or marketing person (or business owner) is to make sure that price doesn't matter so they won't use that as the buying criteria.

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...but price is everything. price is the biggest driving factor of the marketing mix.

How is price the biggest driving factor of the marketing mix? How can it be more powerful than solid promotion? How can it be better than the right place? Is the old real estate adage not correct that says location - location - location? I would argue that at best, price is 25% of the mix. Reference my post about people never buying on price.

I agree with you, Corey. Price is everything only if you think price is everything. Thus, you create a "price is everything" customer. But customers you get based on prices, you lose based on prices.

No doubt, Corey. Actually, I think Product is most important, provided that market/customer needs were designed into the product. A comment that Seth made in his live presentation (see today's post on my blog) is that rather than spending several tons of money on advertising/promotion, why not spend part of that money redesigning your product to better fit the needs of your market? xoxoxo JohnOnSales

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