Set your expectations up front.

I am often amazed at how companies fall short of their desired outcome because of their lack of ability to perform. I am not amazed because they can't do something critical, but I am amazed at trying to hide their failings. Window's Vista is a prime example. I have talked a bit about the problems with Vista. Today, they announced they are launching a new tool so people can see if they are compatible with the new OS. They have three or four other tools, so I don't know how this will be different. You don't have to be perfect to have happy customers. You have to be honest. Your customers will much prefer to know that you are aware of your failings and have ways to work around them than if you simply ignore them as if they are going to just go away. Transparency is the key to the success of your business. From Seth Godin, "Every marketer has a choice... to make the first interaction the best of the experience, or the worst (least best)." If you are open and transparent, you will be far more successful.
Corey Smith is the Vice President of Innovation at Fisher’s Document Systems where he maintains a blog on business and technology.

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