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Leo made an interesting comment on my post from earlier today. He pointed out that the problem with sales is their quota. This couldn't be more true in our environment. As long as we compensate on profit and revenue, no other activity will occur. People follow the money. If you pay them to understand and address customer needs, they will. If you pay them to care about what the customer says and actively work to fix any problems that arise, they will. It is critical that we identify the most important things in our business and pay our sales staff accordingly. If we continue to compensate them the same way, we will continue to get the same results. If you are happy and, more importantly, your customers are happy with those results then change nothing. If not, change something. -- Updated --  Read Seth's comments on this topic.
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Hi again! Seth Godin points out that organizations usually have "drivers"... "SALES DRIVEN: In which the salesforce runs the operation. Car dealers." I know of some organizations which we used to call "a salespeople dictatorship"

Thanks Leo... I didn't notice Seth's post on this topic today... how timely. I liked it so much that I added it to the bottom on my post above just in case someone misses your comment.
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