Fire your customer

When should you fire your customer?

Have you had customers that drain you?

How about customers that cause problems because they can.

Not everyone subscribes to the idea that vendor relations should be positive. In fact, there are plenty out there that feel they can bully their vendors in to submission. The problem is that when you have a few customers that are a drain on your resources, they don't enhance word-of-mouth marketing.

They don't help you develop better relationships with your other customers. They, in fact, do just the opposite.

"What would happen if you fired (nicely) the very few customers that take your best effort but rarely appreciate it or spread the word?" (Seth Godin)

Don't be afraid to focus your marketing efforts and your sales efforts on a target market that shares your philosophy. You need to have customers that like you because of who you are and not because you are trying to be something you are not. Don't be afraid to let the customers go somewhere else if you can't make them happy.

You can't be everything to everyone, so don't try.

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[...] it is time to understand that your customer may not be right. It is time to consider a way to fire a customer. If your customer is vocal and rude, it is pretty easy to gently encourage that customer to go [...]

there is a rule that says customer is always right and if the customer in not right please again remember the first that says customer is always right.

While I think that it is a good sentiment that states, "The customer is always right," I think that we have to be very careful. If the customer is a drain on resources, cause problems or otherwise causes us to lose money, then the customer may not be right. We can't be afraid to politely ask the customers to leave that we can not make happy... there are plenty of people that you can't make happy. You have to remember above all that you can't be everything to everyone. If you try, you'll end up being nothing to noone.
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