Can’t you just make a decision?

I am a big fan of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. One comment that I have noticed that Bear Grylls makes in just about every episode is that the most important thing to do in a survival situation is to continue to make decisions. Even if the decision ends up being a poor or wrong decision, it is better to make a bad decision that to make no decision at all. I find that so many businesses could do well to follow this advice. How many times have you (or your boss) held off making a decision for more information? I think it is good to wait sometimes in making a decision but there is a point where it just goes too far. Often, your first instinct will be the right decision. Sure, you'll make mistakes, but how many mistakes do you make when you wait? Just make a decision... sure it may be wrong, but then you get to make another decision to fix it. You'll find you'll be much further along and I bet you find that you will be more efficient with your finances, too.
Corey Smith is the Vice President of Innovation at Fisher’s Document Systems.

Corey Smith is the president of Tribute Media a web development firm providing high performing, industry specific websites. He is a businessman, writer, technology fanatic, graphic designer and web developer. His greatest passion is teaching, consulting and speaking.

You can find him on Twitter, FaceBook, FriendFeed, and LinkedIn.

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