Being a leader

I was doing some work for a client and noticed on a web hosting company's website that they are "the leader in web hosting." Wow, that is a pretty bold claim. So, I decided to do a little research to see if it was true. I performed a simple Google search on the term "leader in web hosting." Some things I noticed right off.
  1. There are a lot of web hosting leaders. (2,310 hits on my search)
  2. The company that boasted the claim wasn't number one.
  3. Appearently there are different classifications (Global, World, World-Wide, The, etc)
  4. There appears to be no controlling authority on who is actually the "leader in web hosting."
  5. They all seem to provide the same services.
Just saying you are a leader doesn't make it so. Providing the same product and services definitely show that you are not a leader. Oh... and the site that I was looking at... I had to log in to configure my client's account and had to call tech support to figure it out. Doesn't sound like a leader to me.
Corey Smith is a co-founder of Resumango where you can build a better resume for free. 

Corey Smith is the president of Tribute Media a web development firm providing high performing, industry specific websites. He is a businessman, writer, technology fanatic, graphic designer and web developer. His greatest passion is teaching, consulting and speaking.

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