Recruiting Spam

Last year, I had a post titled, "Dear Candidate" where I related an email that I received for a job offer. I pointed out that:
When you are looking to fill a position, it is probably a good idea to at least read the résumé of the individual before you offer to schedule an interview
Since that time, I have received not less than seven emails from the same person at the same company offering me the same position. Since that time, I have responded every single time with my displeasure in receiving these emails. What does this say about the Farmer's Insurance brand if they can't recruit the talent they want and have to ask the same disinterested people over and over again? Do you find yourself using these tactics to hire? If so, what does this say about your ability to find and hire the right people? The thing that also strikes me is that I received this post from a résumé posted at Monster. That means that each time this recruiter has viewed my résumé this recruiter has paid to view that. What a waste of money!
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