Business Growth and Walt Minnick

Walt MinnickI know, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog.

In fact, it has been just over nine months.

I have written a bit on my personal blog, but not here.

But, I have a good excuse.

Business has been good. Tribute Media has more than doubled in revenue and we have increased from four employees to ten in the last 12 months.

I have a picture of Walt Minnick to the left because I attended a town hall meeting with him today. He came to speak where the Tribute Media offices are at VengaWorks. He spoke with small business owners and I had the opportunity to speak to the same audience about my business a little. I decided that rather than plugging my business, I spoke for just a few minutes on business growth. What I tried to accomplish was to give other business owners a hope that their businesses can grow an they can be successful in 2010. continue reading...

New Drupal 6 Theme

imageThe Drupal community has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. I think it is a testament to good system design, an advanced feature set that puts most other systems to shame and strong community involvement. I think that one thing that really helps this is the fact that Drupal is built as an open source platform.

As we built our company over the last year and a half, I have been a little disappointed with the lack of spectacular theme options available in the community. Oh, there are a few, but most aren’t something to write home about.

We have been building themes for sometime. We have built a lot of themes. We finally decided to contribute back to the community. continue reading...

Is 2 Trillion Really a Big Number?

trilllon dollarsI tend to think the main reason why congress is so willing to spend our money is that they forget what big numbers really are. The attitude is, “well it is only $20 million… so what’s the big deal.”

“A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.” (Senator Everett Dirkson)

I think that the reason why the populous doesn’t scream more at the spending of money is two fold. First, people in general don’t have any idea how much money we are talking about and second, people in general don’t realize that it is their money.

The 2 Trillion from the title is from my last post on how much new debt we are incurring via the bailouts in just the last year. And they have added even more since that post. In reality… it is significantly more… not just a little more.

So, how much money are we really talking about? continue reading...

The politics of pots and kettles

Earlier this week, there was a summit of governor’s called by President Obama. The most interesting to me was one news report indicating they were going to talk about “fiscal responsibility.”

The fact that elected elite vote to spend yours and money today and put this country into such significant deficit that our children’s children will be still struggling to see the end of debt tells me that our elected officials are too entrenched in the attitude of “spend what I want” that this level of hypocrisy is laughable.

These are the people that are spending over $23,000 of every tax payers money in less than 1 year just in a bunch of “stimulus” bills.

dilbert on the bailout

The last people that can claim any level of fiscal responsibility are those that so freely spend your money and mine without thought of the reality they are causing.

But, what does this really mean? Is this something we should worry about? continue reading...

Are you cheap or frugal?

disney cruise A number of years ago my wife and I wanted to go on a cruise. We met some owners of a CruiseOne franchise. I did a little graphic design work for them and got a little excited about the prospect of going on a cruise. We had never cruised before, but working with them got us a bit excited.

So, we started our discussions with them on where we wanted to go. We talked about Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. We didn’t know what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go because we had never done it before.

We thought we made up our mind when doing some personal research until one of the owners came up with a brilliant plan for us. continue reading...

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